When the JJC makes a fashion statement

Must read for all those who watched in disbelief as GH celebs join the #icebucket bandwagon


When the JJC makes a fashion statement.


Open Drains



the assumptions people make,

in the dark, twisted recesses of the

mind….too true what they say;

the monster always knows its own kind.


realisations dawn suddenly

like a midsommers storm lasting

barely a minute- sweeping, swooshing

so much noise…


but it’s true intent only realised

when it passes by


broken pieces, fragments scattered

the beautiful stripped bare is ugly

twisted inside, as bitter as the cud

laid out to the punishment of the sun

and reingested with sadistic pleasure


if you don’t like the sight, close your eyes

and never open them again…

because once revealed for what it truly is….

the garnish never holds

quite the same

Keeping Tabs; workaholism



I just realized that this is the only category yet to get a post and I could not believe it!

Considering the fact that I am a self-confessed workaholic….

So I will correct this unfortunate …. un…for.tun.ate happenstance immediately.

I do what I love and I love what I do, so it is a bit difficult to stop doing that which I love to do other things I love…

This category will be about the growing pressures of my life in work; the love, the adrenalin, the analysis, the pulse, the guilt…

Right now … although I am going through one of the less productive phases at work (eg writing this blog when I should be editing a new promo) I still prefer being at work, surrounded by the intoxicating buzz!

And when I am gripped by executing a new project, I can (and have several times) spent the night at work just to see things go on air the way I want.

But I have to keep remembering something my Dad told me once, your CV will not be on your tombstone.

So if any of you has a twelve step program for workaholics, sign me up.


Don’t get it twisted….


I have natural hair.

Have had it all my life (sic).

But seriously in the past two decades  i have spent more time with kinks than without.

I wear spectacles as well. So I have become used to the assumption that the whole ‘natural’ look is a salute at afrocentric feminism (if there is such a thing).

To be honest, it is not.

I went natural because first… I was lazy in high school and could not be bothered with the bi-monthly visits to the salon necessary to tame my wild hair.

Second, I was too broke in university (in UK getting a good salon for black hair meant paying and arm, leg and a couple of ovaries…or is it ovums???, for good measure)

And third I got comfortable with the whole natural hair thing having had it for almost a decade, by the time I needed to buckle down and get a job.

I straightened it when I started working in a bank (company policy) but it was a chore. When I finally got my dream job in a newsroom, I celebrated by cutting my hair off and throwing out all brown and grey suits in my wardrobe (not a good move … paid for this rash action with two month’s worth of my pitiful salary trying to restock said wardrobe).

It was good to be back in my comfort zone.

I do get bored with the twists every couple of years (and those dark&lovely ads are soooo seductive) that I straighten it. But I always go back to my roots (pun intended)

And when I am back in the twists, I nod sagely at philosophical musings on the African identity and the-strong-black-woman narrative, and push suspicions of being an impostor to the back of my mind.

Brave New World pt 1

Man must have his tools.

Famous phrase by my father, the orphan turned professor.

This mantra will certainly pass down to my children, for without tools, man is nothing.

But it is not enough to have tools.

Our tools of critical thinking have been taken away and replaced with complaints.

Art with Azonto.

Free Speech with propaganda.

Religion with fanaticism.

So the brave new world is upon us.

O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in’t.

—William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act V, Scene I, ll. 203–206[5]

And truly, the tempest will soon be upon us.


Now to be honest I had totally forgotten that this blog exists!

it was only through the intervention of NASA that the reunion occurred.

Nii Akrofi Smart Abbey, a dear colleague of mine at Joy News wrote something on his blog niiakrofi concerning yours truly and was awaiting my response.

I whipped my ‘tech-driod’ out and typed out a somewhat witty reply, pressed send, then wordpress asked for my email.

It was only after entering my email address that I was (rather brusquely) informed that I had a word press account.

Two days later (there’s a reason for the time lapse….trust me…) I change my password and rediscover this blog I apparently started two years ago … (with a healthy dose of righteous indignation of ‘the fulani question’ is anything to go by).

So here’s to NASA for helping me rediscover my old self!!!