Don’t get it twisted….


I have natural hair.

Have had it all my life (sic).

But seriously in the past two decades  i have spent more time with kinks than without.

I wear spectacles as well. So I have become used to the assumption that the whole ‘natural’ look is a salute at afrocentric feminism (if there is such a thing).

To be honest, it is not.

I went natural because first… I was lazy in high school and could not be bothered with the bi-monthly visits to the salon necessary to tame my wild hair.

Second, I was too broke in university (in UK getting a good salon for black hair meant paying and arm, leg and a couple of ovaries…or is it ovums???, for good measure)

And third I got comfortable with the whole natural hair thing having had it for almost a decade, by the time I needed to buckle down and get a job.

I straightened it when I started working in a bank (company policy) but it was a chore. When I finally got my dream job in a newsroom, I celebrated by cutting my hair off and throwing out all brown and grey suits in my wardrobe (not a good move … paid for this rash action with two month’s worth of my pitiful salary trying to restock said wardrobe).

It was good to be back in my comfort zone.

I do get bored with the twists every couple of years (and those dark&lovely ads are soooo seductive) that I straighten it. But I always go back to my roots (pun intended)

And when I am back in the twists, I nod sagely at philosophical musings on the African identity and the-strong-black-woman narrative, and push suspicions of being an impostor to the back of my mind.


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