Keeping sane with drops of Jupiter

First off, I am really working against the clock to meet my mid-year resolution (that should totally be a thing!) of two blog posts a month.

Luckily for me this past week has been a roller-coaster of events (also known as inspiration) for blog posts.

I could talk about sens8 (brilliant new series by the Wachowskis of Matrix fame)

Or about 4 non-blondes…hearing whats up after decades of floating in the obscurity of memory was great … and yes it was on loop for about an hour …

Or I could talk about the avalanche of nostalgiac tunes it spawned (hello Avril, red hot chilli peppers and train…been a while!)

Also my daughter ‘graduated’ from pre-school … this is great inspiration for a post on the ridiculousness of the modern education system. How do you ‘graduate’ when technically you haven’t started school yet? (will def come back to this rant later)

But I decide to talk about convergence!


Ah the drama! the sweat! the tears! the laughter! the heartache! And enough cliffhangers to make a telenovela writer green with envy.

Basically the future of broadcasting is in converging radio, print and online operations into one gigantic cross-platform multimedia approach.

That’s great …. technically… but my station is the first to try this in Ghana.

Translation: we are guinea pigs in a giant experiment … with no controls.

So we have the usual ego clashes (cue: you might be an editor at TV but know nothing about radio Jon Snow! Shadow the intern…), the geographic conundrums ( you now have to share your desk and computer with virtual stranger who treats your windows desktop as a landfill site …) and the leadership shuffles (follow me…no follow me…. no follow me instead… erm how about I just do whatever the hell I want? yeah? brilliant!)

So what do I think about convergence? Well the old African proverb does say a broom can bend but won’t break, but a broomstick snaps easily. Together we are stronger I know … but I have to give up my independence and be squeezed together with other sticks, bristles and all, not to talk about the choke-hold of the twine that binds us together.

In short… convergence is a bitch.




So the un-blogged challenge has been on for a while and I am falling behind the curve.

My five other colleagues have all posted their thoughts on whether or not a man should/would take a woman’s name.

The majority … quite predictably, say no for a few reasons:
*’I married you’ (the most annoying so far — as far as i know we both take vows…mtcheeew)
*my name is so unique women fall over themselves to acquire it (eye roll)

The Yes say so because
*my wife’s family name will die out so lets double barrel (dramatic much?)
*love …( hmmm…)

I think no.

I am a big fan of individuals…all 7 billion of us…

Mr Zoe Saldana has big balls but it will take a couple of millenia before this expression of counter culture will be considered normal.

To be honest, I don’t believe in the whole Mr and Mrs thing (refer to earlier comment on individualism)

I also believe that as none of us are born with our knuckles fisted over the pen we used to sign the indemnity clause, thereby we are free to choose how we live.

Getting twisted in tradition is foolish… after all, we make tradition and the human race is generally partial to foolishness.
(For those in Ghana look at how the road to Kukurantumi is being paved with chalk)

A rose by any other name will not smell any sweeter, but the rose must confidently rock its name: rose.


keep up with the pace
ignore society
live anti-culture
take her name
and damn the consequences

double edged blade
cuts both ways
without this name
will i cease to be me?

live with ridicule
whispers and confusion
what about the children
what will they be

fuck the fad
lets start a new one
each to his own
keep it as is

playlist: chicane-feat-moya-brennan-saltwater-326x326




So given my absolute lack of discipline when it comes to writing, I came up with a brilliant idea on how to get over it and just write!

I got into a competition.

So I have a predominantly type A personality and of course, this comes with a side helping of ‘approval junkie’. So anything that involves challenges, first place and heart-pulsing pressure is right up my alley.

(To be fair, when I am making my best impression of Garfield on Saturday you would not believe a word of the aforementioned character assessment)

Anyway a group of fellow lackadaisical colleagues and friends in the newsroom came up with the mind-blowing idea of a blogging group.

I know! Really out there right?!

…Well we thought it will totally unnecessary to re-invent the wheel.

Simply this group of seven irreverent writers will pen their ideas on two topics each month. Post on their blogs. And we peer-review.

It will also help to un-block the writers block of bloggers! 🙂

So for this month of July we talking same-sex marriage and taking your spouse’s name…

Ahh well …lets see what we come up with.

You can follow the other un-blogged? un-bloggers? at :