Solo Song

My Lover wrote a song in the dark for me.

A devotion and testament

to our perfect harmony.

He, the conductor …

Me, the unwitting contralto

Yes, he wrote me into his symphony.


” That perfect blend of lush woman,

Fuckable brain, succulent thighs

and skin that catches like wildfire … ”

His melodic oeuvre to Her, She and me

Pure love for My solo note

mistaken for  the central soliloquoy


My lover wrote a poem in the dark for me

Of shared dreams

and aligned visions …

times three.

He wrote me into his masterpiece

Fit me perfectly into his rhyme scheme

Rapped me so effectively in his cocoon of beauty

that I doubted my sanity.

He turned my head,

claimed my heartbeat and conquered this body …

Turned the sacred into a

second-grade, China-made, knock-off version of me


My lover wrote my melody

He kissed me with the kisses of his mouth

His saliva sweeter than wine

And I …

I drunk him in a haze of lust

and paid for my crime with the mother of all hangovers

that left me hating myself for being such a fucking cliche.

You can stare at me, wondering why my eyes are so dark

Darkened by a dimwitted brain fed on lies

Neglecting my core for a line of flattery or three

and now I search for an identity that was pilfered from me

by a pickpocket between the sheets


My lover wrote a song in the dark for me.

Oh, the mockery.



(p.s. Friends before you start pm-ing me, this was inspired by Song of Solomon … I know, my brain is warped)


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