The Hills, Lakely


Today I went to Senchi for the first time in my life. If you are not Ghanaian then you might not get why this event is big enough to warrant a blog.

The Ghanaian economy is in tatters, the stock market is the third worst performing on the continent, the currency is the worst performing in the world and last month local producers witnessed an inflation rate of over 47%.

A couple of months ago (in May to be precise) about 400 hundred of the top brains in the country went to Senchi to look for solutions and the Senchi Consensus was born.

So Senchi is basically the Davos of Ghana.


And I went there for the first time today. (are those excited ooos and ahhhhhs i hear?)

Yeah Senchi was green, hilly and kinda reminded me of the lake District in UK,,,only without the snow and mutant killer ducks (that’s a story for another day)

I had to meet with the local government boss there and once the meeting was over we had a leasurely drive through the town that borders Lake Volta.

Honestly the place is serene, postcard picture perfect!



But we all have to go home sometime, and that is when I saw this…



Never have a felt more like a JJC …. when I hemmed and hawwed and congratulated Peter for getting the shot, bouncing all over in the car with excitement at such an ‘exotic’ sight.

Only to have the news gently broken to me that it happens all the time….



How do they get the sheep up there?

Oh they toss it in with the charcoal….

And it doesn’t fall off??? (then squeal in terror as the truck dips precariously into a giant pothole)

No its totally secure….You should see when the boys sit on it

(eyes wide in horror … jealousy …. or a disturbing mixture of both…still trying to define my feelings on this)


So yes Senchi…. the hills were lush, the lake peaceful and the sheep were touching the skies!


ps…also saw this …they helpfully monitored oncoming traffic and indicated when it was safe for us to overtake..



Keeping Tabs; workaholism



I just realized that this is the only category yet to get a post and I could not believe it!

Considering the fact that I am a self-confessed workaholic….

So I will correct this unfortunate …. un…for.tun.ate happenstance immediately.

I do what I love and I love what I do, so it is a bit difficult to stop doing that which I love to do other things I love…

This category will be about the growing pressures of my life in work; the love, the adrenalin, the analysis, the pulse, the guilt…

Right now … although I am going through one of the less productive phases at work (eg writing this blog when I should be editing a new promo) I still prefer being at work, surrounded by the intoxicating buzz!

And when I am gripped by executing a new project, I can (and have several times) spent the night at work just to see things go on air the way I want.

But I have to keep remembering something my Dad told me once, your CV will not be on your tombstone.

So if any of you has a twelve step program for workaholics, sign me up.